Sunday, April 28, 2013

Toronto Maple Leafs Players Pace Over a Full Season

Now that the regular season for the Toronto Maple Leafs is over, I thought it would be interesting to calculate what sort of totals these players were on pace for over the course of a full season.  The math was easy, but I should note that I added 34 games (as thats the amount of games missed due to the lockout this year) to the total games played that the players already had.  For example, if a player such as Phil Kessel played 48 games this season I went off the assumption that he would have played 82 games.  If a player such as Matt Frattin only played 25 games I went off the assumption that he would have played 59 games.  I did this to account for games lost to injury/being a healthy scratch that already occurred in this shortened season, and I think it adds an added degree of realism to some of the numbers.  Also, and this is fairly straightforward, for the ATOI category I just took the ATOI that the player already had this season.  Lastly I should note that, much like my last post, these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt (given the extended sample size and regression that can occur over an 82 game season which tends to tinker with pace).  Nonetheless, a lot of these numbers translate pretty fairly with a player's career numbers or projected potential and seem pretty realistic.  But again, they shouldn't be taken too seriously.  Enjoy.

I ignored Jake Gardiner (frequent healthy scratch/small sample size), Korbinian Holzer (with the Marlies), Ryan Hamilton (frequest healthy scratch/small sample size), Mike Komisarek (with the Marlies/small sample size), Joe Colborne (frequent healthy scratch/small sample size), and Jussi Rynnas (very small sample size/with the Marlies).  In case you were too lazy to check or another site, here are those players totals from this season:

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